Role I Strategy & Design 

Type I Brand Identity


Brand identity for MusicHub, a music platform which empowers producers to easily publish  their music.

MusicHub believes that musical talent should be empowered. By providing seamless solutions, they help unleash creative potential through a digital platform with all the right functionalities, enabling music makers to build a sustained career, one track at a time. Based on this vision, I have developed a bold brand identity reflecting the product mentorship, empowerment and craftsmanship. 

Musically connected
The brand identity is the perfect illustration of the brand story. The MusicHub logo acts as  the connector and mentor enabling musicians to achieve their musical career goals. By playing with font weight (bold), strong connecting lines and vibrant colors, the logo looks both very stable and iconic. The typeface combination is close to MusicHub’s essence: seriously crafted.

Crafted with a twist
I wanted to reflect the community building  aspect of MusicHub. For this reason, I came up with a diverse set of stickers with slogans and sayings, bringing endless variation of applications, including engagement with customers. These stickers  perfectly enhance the content and present the brand as an innovative and trusted  partner to the customer for publishing music, seamlessly.